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first nations

First Nation and Indigenous populations often face barriers to accessing healthcare, with many people living in remote communities, with limited financial resources and infrastructure, and often having cultural differences.

Using telehealth technology, a medical service familiar with the patient and local care providers can connect with specialist care. The inclusion of an Indigenous health worker in an appointment can provide advocacy and support for the patient.

Using cutting-edge technology and CENSON Health?s telehealth smartphone based software, medical providers can contact a doctor for video conferencing, and remote medical examinations that capture high-quality images, videos, and patient vitals. This data allows the doctor to make an informed diagnosis while providing culturally appropriate care.

Benefits for patients

By utilising telehealth solutions, patients benefit from having less stressful appointments, strengthened connections with local care providers, greater convenience, and improved continuity of care.

Telehealth can improve screening rates, social and emotional well-being and clinical outcomes.

Telehealth consultations

Telehealth is ideally placed to support Indigenous patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions and more.

first nations
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